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This electronic component kit is the basic choice for students. It can improve students' ability to use hands and brains, enhance their practical ability and creativity. It is also a good choice for you if you want to contact the electronics industry.


Fine quality and practical.
Good kit for improving practical ability and creativity.
Nice starter kit with lots of components to choose and use.
Plastic box for better storage and protection of components.

Package included:

1 x  Arduino MEGA 2560 R3
1 x  MEGA 2560 Development Expansion Board
1 x  Mini Breadboard      
1 x  ADXL345 Acceleration Sensor
1 x  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1 x  IR Receiver HX1838
1 x  Remote Controller
1 x  PS2 Joystick Module
1 x  Relay
1 x  Stepper Motor
1 x  ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module
1 x  DHT-11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1 x  LED Bar Graph
1 x  Active Buzzer
1 x  Passive Buzzer   
1 x  PIR Movement Sensor
1 x  Servo
2 x  Analog Temperature Sensor(Thermistor)
1 x  Breadboard Power Supply Module
1 x  4*4 Matrix Keyboard
1 x  DC Motor
1 x  L9110 DC Motor Driver
1 x  LCD1602
1 x  Dot-matrix Display
1 x  7-segment Display
1 x  4-bit 7-segment Display
1 x  NE555 Timer
2 x  74HC595
2 x  Light Sensor (Photoresistor)
2 x  Tilt Switch
2 x  Switch
1 x  RGB LED
8 x  Red LED
4 x  Green LED
4 x  Yellow LED
4 x  Blue LED
16 x Resistor(220Ω)
10 x Resistor(1kΩ)
10 x Resistor(10kΩ)
2 x  Potentiometer(10KΩ)
5 x  Capacitor(104)
4 x  Capacitor(10uF)
4 x  Button(large)
8 x  Button(small)
1 x  Button Cap(red)
1 x  Button Cap(white)
2 x  Button Cap(blue)
4 x  NPN Transistor(8050)
4 x  PNP Transistor(8550)
4 x  1N4148 Diode
4 x  1N4001 Diode
1 x  9V Battery Clip
1 x  Breadboard
1 x  USB Cable
40 x Male to Male Jumper Wires
20 x Male to Female Jumper Wires
20 x Female to Female Jumper Wires
1 x  Header(40pin)
1 x  Band Resistor Card
1 x  Project Box

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