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1. Perfect for outdoor, like beach, stream, yard.
2. Viewmeter and Pointer: shows the probable type of metal being detected.
3. Volume Indicating
4. Streamline body, elegant and nice-looking.
5. Headphone Jack: lets you connect headphone (not supplied) to the detector.
6. Sensitivity meter to determine stength of signal
7. Motion all metal model for detecting
8. All types of metal
9. 10.2 Inch weather resistant coil (Note: The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof..)
10 Adjustable stem: lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.
(1) Power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries in Series (Not included)
(2) Emitting Frequency: 6.99±0.2KHz
(3) Signal Frequency: 450±10KHz
(4) Indicators: Visual: Lever Meter;
    Sound: 2" Speaker or Earphone (Earphone not included)
(5) Function: Disc: Ground Balance; Distinguish Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
(6) Controls: Critical Sound Tuner; Function Tuner;
(7) Operating Current: 300mA MAX at MAX Volume
(8) The Detecting Depth (Max): 1.5Meters
(9) Sensitivity: 25-30cm for a US (25cent)
(10) Voltage: 10-12V
(11) Sensitivity: US 25 Cent: 180mm
(12) Indication Mode: Mechanical Indicator Mode; Sound Mode
(13) Stretch Length: 37.8-44.1 inches
(14) Detector Diameter: 10.2 inches
(15) Color: Black
(16) Weight: 2.7kg
(17) Size: 84*29.5*16cm
Package Included:
1 x Metal Detector
1 x User Manual
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