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Material: Acrylic
Color: Colorful
Voltage: 5V
Power: 2-5W
Weight: 2kg
Size: 35 x 5 x 5cm
- This is a high-tech audio light that can interact with the mobile phone, and the mode is controlled wirelessly by the smart app of the mobile phone;
- You can control the brightness, sensitivity, and set the fixed color music mode at the same time;
- The color adjustment function makes you look more cool with the cool display light;
- Each piece of acrylic is hand-polished, non-reflective, non-light-emitting, non-glare, and more uniform;
- The lamp is 35cm long and can be placed vertically or flatly to flatten the higher end atmosphere.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Vertical Audio Modulation

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