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4x4x4 Light Cube kit uses 64 cuboid LED. Expansion board uses two 74HC595 shift register chips, using eight I/Os can light the 4x4x4 Light Cube, it’s hardware resources needed is less than other 4x4x4 light cubic expansion board(needs 20 I/Os to control).

Circuit Description:

The display part of4x4x4 Light Cube kit consists of 64 cuboids LED, uses two 74HC595shift register chip to control LED anode, the 4 I/O ports controls 4 common cathodes of LED.


Control module: control board
PCB size: 61*74mm
LED color: blue


This kit is 4x4x4 light cubic expansion board, without control chip or control module.

Package included:

5 x 4X4X4 Blue LED Light Cube Kit

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