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Use 4-bit 0.56 inch clock display, luxurious and generous appearance;
PCB boards are high quality fiberglass boards, which are treated by tin spraying in large factories with excellent quality.
The welding pad is large, there is no flying wire, and the component layout is beautiful. It is specially designed for practical training.
Easy to withstand repeated dismantling and welding, can improve the efficiency of use.
In order to reduce the difficulty of installation, all components are direct plug-ins.
MCU uses AT89C2051 or its compatible MCU, and the program has been written.
It is equipped with power supply terminal and reserved battery interface to realize power-off timing function.
It is equipped with a single chip computer 1C seat, which is convenient for upgrading and learning.
Travel time is accurate, and the error range of travel time is about 3 seconds per month.

Shape size: 55 x 55mm
Material of PCB: 1.6mm FR-4 sheet on one side
Power supply voltage: 3-5V
Package included:

3 x DIY Multi Function Four Bit Digital Clock MCU Clock Kit


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