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Material: Plastic + Holographic film
Color: Black
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 135X105X58mm /5.31''X4.13''X2.28"(appr.)
Tips: Avoid touching the pyramid by hand. If the projection tower is dirty, you can wash it with a small amount of alcohol.
● With four projection angle
● Specially designed for the 3.5-6inch mobile phone
● It is the most popular holographic pyramid projector.
● Ideal for Enterprise product display ,Cartoon interactive and Personal entertainment.
● You just need to open the holographic video and put your mobile phone on the stand, 3D holographic image will appear.
● The included summoning card, Android mobile phone needs to download: "IKA Hatsune 3D virtual enhanced demonstration" software, mobile phone is temporarily unavailable, this card is only a gift of entertainment, really do not call, don't care too much
1.Download holographic video(or you can scan the QR code on the user manual to obtain resources)
2.Play the video and put the mobile phone on the holder and align the video at the middle of the Pyramid
3.Apple phone, search "Mikuture", the system comes with " APP", you can download resources from there
1. According to the environment, the brighter the brightness, you need to adjust the brightness of the mobile phone to the brightest point at the same time, choose to turn on the automatic rotation function.
2. When playing, the 4D image should be aligned with the center of the pyramid. The clearer the video, the better the effect. The darker the light, the better effect. The Android phone can use the MX player to adjust the video size.
3. When playing video, the screen of the mobile phone needs to be placed on the pyramid. If you play the inverted triangle video, please play the whole mobile phone and the projection box upside down.
Here are two virtual enhanced camera software, the same effect as the summoning card.
1. Android phone can search: "Hatsune extended reality camera", all major app stores can be downloaded for free
2. Appless mobile phone can search for "Mikuture", the app storess that comes with the system can be downloaded for free.
Package included:
1 Pcs Hologram Projector
2 Pcs Summons cards
1 Pcs Cloth

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